Heat Wave III

Heat Wave III is a compact portable full-flow diesel fired water heater. Its rugged square tubing steel frame and 6×2 solid rubber wheels make the unit easy to load, unload and transport. The unit’s high-efficiency schedule 40 heat exchanger supports flow rates of up to a maximum of 10 gallons per minute with no water mixing! A digital programmable temperature controller with multi-colored LED readout and passcode protected settings precisely modulates outlet temperature for unrivaled user comfort. Redundant water flow, temperature safety valves, and a ground fault circuit interrupter supply cord are among the many safety features. Heat Wave III comes standard with a five-gallon heavy-duty removable steel jerry can fuel tank and quick coupled fuel supply lines for easy refueling. An optional hydraulic-powered dosing pump allows for precisely metered solution injection into the outlet stream.


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Part Number:  Descriptions:
56220105  Fuel Tank GI Jerry Can 5 Gal 
56220106  Fuel Tank Holder 
61010103  Fuel Tubing 1/4″ 
61080003  Hose Clamp #4 
61080012  Hose Clamp #12 
61090402  Hose Barb for Fuel Tank 
61090404  Hose Barb for Fuel Pump 
71240805  Cord Grip 
72270401  Switch-Toggle On/Off 
72271100  Flow Switch 
83180101  Toggle Switch Boot 
87060410  Pressure Regulator Valve 
97000177  Garden Hose Swivel 
97000180  Cable 18/4 
97000209  Quick Disconnect Socket 
97000210  Quick Disconnect Plug 
97000219  Burner 
97000278  Valve Y-Connector 
97000284  Fuel Filter 1/4″ FPT In/Out 
97000384  GFCI Outlet 
97000478  Thermo Coupler 
97000479  High Limit Switch 
97000480  Power Relay 30 Amp 
97000486  Wheel 14″ TUFF 
97000509  Boiler Coil W/O Skin 
97001075  Switch Push Button 
97001083  Temperature Controller 
Call Srvc Cntr  Flue Cap 
Call Srvc Cntr  Heater Coil 
Call Srvc Cntr  Burner Gasket 
Call Srvc Cntr  Burner Fuel Nozzle 
Call Srvc Cntr  Burner Electrodes 
Call Srvc Cntr  Burner Blower Motor 
Call Srvc Cntr  Burner Ignitor 
Call Srvc Cntr  Burner Blower Wheel 


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Download Heat Wave III Manual