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Mining Services with Robust Restroom Solutions

In the challenging world of mining, where extreme conditions and remote locations are the standard, Advanced Containment Systems, Inc. (ACSI) has been a pioneer in developing durable and innovative solutions for over 30 years. ACSI’s restroom trailers are making a substantial impact on the operations of Red Dog Mine, one of the world’s largest zinc mines, situated in the harsh and remote terrain of northwest Alaska, USA. Established more than thirty years ago, ACSI began by manufacturing long lasting, quality products, and prioritizing customer feedback. The enduring manufacturing techniques honed during this period serve as the cornerstone of ACSI’s extensive product lineup today. These products are renowned for their durability, resilience, and ability to withstand harsh environments, making them indispensable across industries ranging from emergency and disaster response to special events and, notably, mining operations.

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Barging Through Boundaries

Expanding its reach to the farthest corners of the globe, Advanced Containment Systems, Inc. showcased its exceptional capabilities by seamlessly transporting a restroom trailer from its manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas, to the rugged terrains of northwest Alaska. Overcoming the logistical challenges of the vast distance and remote locations, the trailer embarked on a remarkable journey, traveling from Houston to Seattle, Washington, and then seamlessly boarding a barge destined for Alaska. This successful transport exemplifies ACSI’s commitment to delivering its innovative and durable solutions worldwide, even in the most isolated and demanding environments. ACSI’s proficiency in shipping products to such remote locations reinforces its status as a global leader in providing top-notch solutions for the mining industry and beyond.

Mining Services in the Arctic Wilderness

Red Dog Operations, based in Alaska, operates one of the world’s largest zinc mines, facing extreme conditions in the winter months with feet of snow, blowing winds and brutal cold temperatures reaching as low as -45 Fahrenheit. In such challenging environments, every aspect of mining equipment and infrastructure, including restroom facilities, must meet rigorous standards for durability and reliability.

ACSI offers a comprehensive line of transportable restroom trailers specially designed to meet the unique demands of mining services at Red Dog Mine, addressing both practicality and comfort.

The addition of a restroom trailer on the field at Red Dog Mine not only addressed the critical need for durable facilities, but also brought about unexpected benefits for the employer. It has slashed restroom break times by an impressive 60%. 

“Employees appreciate having this field restroom in a convenient location and break times are reduced by 60%. That means the mine operators can be more productive.”

Robert Merculieff – Red Dog Mine

Easy Transportation and Setup 

Designed with the logistical challenges of remote mining sites in mind, ACSI’s restroom trailers facilitate easy transportation and quick setup, saving valuable time and resources on-site, even in the challenging conditions.

Customizable Design for Red Dog Mine’s Unique Needs

ACSI’s restroom trailers offer extensive design options, allowing Red Dog Mine to tailor the facilities to their specific needs. From private executive restrooms to public facilities for the entire workforce, ACSI provides customizable solutions that withstand the Arctic challenges.

“I had our electrical department outfit a transformer to have all the electrical on the same circuit. Only 480V was available and with minor modifications so far, it has worked excellently. We had -45 F below the other day, and we had no issues.”

Robert Merculieff – Red Dog Mine

ACSI stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the demanding world of mining services, particularly at Red Dog Mine, where Arctic conditions pose unique challenges. The restroom trailers are a testament to ACSI’s commitment to providing top-notch solutions for demanding or rugged environments. By focusing on durability, ease of use, and customization, ACSI ensures that mining personnel at Red Dog Mine have access to amenities that enable them to work efficiently and comfortably in even the most challenging Arctic conditions. For mining companies seeking to enhance on-site facilities and prioritize employee well-being in extreme environments, ACSI offers a complete line of products, from laundry and shower facilities to restroom solutions, revolutionizing mining services with robust and heavy-duty solutions that deliver on both quality and convenience.

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