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What’s the difference between an Air Scrubber & a Negative Air Machine?

At first glance, an Air Scrubber and a Negative Air Machine may seem to perform the same, and the difference is often confused. So what are they, how do they differ, and which one is right for you?

Air Scrubber:

Air Scrubbers are used to rid contaminants and trap airborne particles through a series of filters in an enclosed area. Simply put; Air gets continuously circulated, and there is no ducting attached to the exhaust.  

Air Scrubbers are typically used for reducing dust from construction job sites and smoke from fires.

Negative Air Machine: 

Negative air machines work by discharging the air they suck in, outside of the containment area. The discharged air is passed through a series of filters and replaced with makeup air. Ducting is used in this method to eliminate contaminated airborne materials and restrict the spread of air pollutants. 

Negative Air Machines are typically found in hospitals, laboratories, and at-risk areas of contamination such as mold and asbestos. 

What differentiates the two?

The differentiating factor between an Air Scrubber and a Negative Air Machine is where the air is going. 

Is it getting circulated? Or is it getting pushed out? 

Air Scrubbers Advantages

  • Eliminate toxic chemicals and gas in industrial areas 
  • Effective in eliminating smoke in case of an emergency 
  • Remove dust and debris 
  • Reduces risk of health-related difficulties 

Negative Air Machine Advantages

  • Reduces air pressure in confined spaces
  • Used for mold remediation 
  • Removes contaminated air from rooms 
  • Reduces risk of health-related difficulties 

What’s the best product for you? 

Since both products can perform each other’s functions, how do you decide? 

Air Scrubbers: This device is easily portable, has high rpm motors, and efficiently removes 99.97% of airborne particles. With its presence, the risks of you falling sick are low since it filters pollutants while helping to get rid of odors like smoke, cigarettes, paint, etc. It also makes breathing easier and the air around you healthier. If you’re looking to get rid of any of these contaminants, the air scrubber is your best choice.

Negative Air Machine: These devices were first used in the asbestos industry in the 1980s. They provided adequate airflow through working hours. Consider a negative air machine if the space is large since they’re best suited for large-scale commercial use, unlike air scrubbers which are suited for small-scale commercial use.  

Our abatement air filtration systems

Our Air Filtration Equipment is among the most powerful and durable units available, with four units available, our products change the air in a typical 12×12 room well over 100 times an hour. We oversize the motors we use to pull contaminates deeply into the HEPA filter and not front-load the filter.  This helps in the efficiency of the unit and reduces the cost of replacement filters as you do not need to replace filters as often. The true HEPA filter removes airborne particles down to .3 micron in size with 99.97% efficiency.  

Still not sure which system is right for you? Give us a call or visit our Distributor list here.

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